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News & Events – June 9, 2014

Quick update for everyone:

You STILL HAVE TIME to get in on the $99 Summer Special, so get it while you can!

Summer is Hectic! And we want you to get your workouts in while you’re in town, so we’re offering a great deal to keep you in shape this summer!

The Summer Special is an Auto-Pay plan that’s just $99/month for 3 consecutive months. The offer expires the first day of Summer, that’s June 21st, at midnight.


Workout Tip for when you can’t get to the gym:

Our philosophy – Anything is better than nothing! Gabby blogged about life balance last week and it’s SO TRUE! Life can be crazy, but we need to keep taking care of ourselves!

Here’s a quick, 12-minute workout to help you take care of you:

Work/Rest 30sec/10sec
jump rope or swings
jump rope or swings
alt kb or band row
walking lunge
repeat 3 times

Enjoy & Have a Great Week!


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