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News & Events – June 30, 2014

Join the Summer Challenge

We want you to look and feel your best this summer so we’ve added a little incentive for you to come to class!

It’s FREE to join the challenge and get in killer shape.

Do it in 3 easy steps:
(1) Come to class
(2) Pick up your punch cards
(3) Get credit for each class you come to in July & August

Once you come to 20 classes in July & August, we’ll give you an NBKB Hat, an NBKB Water Bottle, & $25 toward our annual Fall Challenge, starting early September!

Simple as that! What do you have to lose? A little extra around the middle? The calories from that extra beer you had last weekend? That’s what we thought…

See you soon!
Gabby & Val


Do you know where one of your favorite teachers is this week?

Gina’s in Kauai. She took her kettlebell to the beach this morning (oh yeah, the beach is just steps from the condo), and now she’s soaking up that lovely Hawaii air and relaxing on her Lanai, with fruit from the farmer’s market and a nice glass of wine.

Gina, we’re officially jealous.

But, you could be there too! Remember to REFER YOUR FRIENDS and get entered for a chance to win a week at the HCR in Hanalei, Kauai. Plus, if we get more than 50 referrals, NBKB will also chip in $1000 toward your airfare!

Mahalo for referring your friends! =)

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