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News & Events – July 8, 2014

We hope you all had a great July 4th weekend!

We had a strong weekend at NBKB, honoring an LA Firefighter with a Hero Workout. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check our Facebook page and see what we did.  And if you missed the workout, feel free to do it at home some day. We all had puddles of sweat under us by the end, but we were able to push through because strength really did have a greater purpose with our “Arnie” workout. Thanks to all who joined us!

Get back into it! Join the Summer Challenge

It’s easy to let things slide in the summer and the longer you’re away, the tougher it is to get that momentum back! So get yourself back to the gym – we have lots of great class times, open gym, & the quickie classes to keep you motivated even when you don’t have a ton of time.

Plus, we have extra incentive to get you to class…

Join our FREE Summer Challenge in 3 easy steps:
(1) Come to class
(2) Pick up your punch cards
(3) Get credit for each class you come to in July & August

Once you come to 20 classes in July & August, we’ll give you an NBKB Hat, an NBKB Water Bottle, & $25 toward our annual Fall Challenge, starting early September!

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