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Do I need an Intro Kettlebell Class?

We get this questions a lot.

A lot of people use kettlebells at home, with videos, and sometimes at the gym. What I see a lot of though, is people using a kettlebell as they would use a dumbbell. For squatting, bicep curls, for the “squat & lift” movement that kinda-sorta looks like a swing. And honestly, if you’re going to use a kettlebell like a dumbbell, you don’t really need an “Intro”. And I would go so far as to say – save your money and don’t buy a kettlebell! Use dumbbells for dumbbell exercises.

Don’t get me wrong, I think kettlebells are cool and I teach people how to use them for a living, but it’s really not the kettlebell that’s cool. It’s what you do with it that’s REALLY awesome, transformative, and super fun.

It’s not another dumbbell and the way it’s shaped, you can do things with it you couldn’t do with a dumbbell. The swing, for instance, is all about momentum. The kettlebell should form an extension of your arm, akin to a kid on a playground swing – your arms are the chain of that playground swing and the kettlebell is that kid. You’re not doing any real “work” with your arms, they’re really just a means of holding onto the weight so you can build momentum with your lower body, transfer it through your tight midsection, and propel that energy through to the swinging bell.

If you’re not feeling that sensation with the swing you’re doing at home, you will probably get a lot out of our Intro to Kettlebell Class.

We’ll also teach you a lot about total body tension (which is another reason our workouts are so efficient) as well as relaxation (an important piece to the fitness puzzle!) and some other great tips to make every exercise session more effective. One student told me, “I learned more in one of your videos and one intro class than I learned in 3 years at a local bootcamp.”

We care about teaching you how to move well and get the most out of every workout. 

To sign up for our intro, email us either at or to set up a time! And remember, your first 2 weeks are free! So what are you waiting for?


See you soon,

Train Smart. Be Strong. Live Balanced.

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