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NBKB News & Events – July 22, 2014

Skills Workshop – The Clean

We’re starting to implement skills workshops… hopefully bimonthly if not more. And we’re doing it because it’s difficult to learn or perfect a move in class when we’re more focused on sweating and getting a workout in.

So, our first skills workshop is going to be on the clean! This seems to be one that almost everyone struggles with and to be honest, I rarely teach it in class because it just takes too long!

Once you learn it, though, it’s a really great skill to have. Double cleans give you more ab work than a million crunches. Seriously – I can’t wait to get you all doing these – they’re awesome! Putting cleans in a complex always makes the complex so much harder! And harder = good because you’re getting a better workout! Of course, heavy cleans get you ready to press heavier (and who doesn’t want to press heavier?!).

I like cleans for classes because it helps you move from one kettlebell exercise to the next without having to put the bell down in between. You’re able to get even more work in less time and because all of our students are busy people, we’re always looking for ways to make your workout more efficient.

So come to the Clean Skills Workshop on Friday, August 1st at 4:30pm!

It’s $25 (click ‘online store’, ‘services’, then ‘workshop classes’) and it’ll last a little over an hour and then we’re going to head across the street to Bull Taco for some dinner. Invite your non-kb friends or family members to join us for some Mexican Food after our workshop!

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