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Student Spotlight – Marilyn

Last week we shared a post on Facebook highlighting our student, Marilyn. We had no idea that she would take the Internet by storm and become an overnight cyber sensation! This post reached about 37,000 people around the world, almost 200 people liked it so much they shared it on their own Facebook pages, and I think Marilyn might get a couple of dates out of this!

marilyn swing

Marilyn Swinging the 20kg

We’ve always known Marilyn is a gem and we are happy to share with you a bit more about this amazingly strong woman. We asked her a few questions about what drives her and what a typical week in her life looks like.

Read on…


NBKB: How long have you been training with kb’s and what do you like most about training at NBKB?

M: About 4 years, I had about a 10 month break in the training with a couple of falls where I injured my arm. And when my husband died, I kind of lost my kick there for a little while, but I know how important it is to keep on going and working out.  It is also so easy to miss a session, then another session, then another and before you know it you have lost your desire to achieve.  So I am back a little weaker in some areas but I will keep pushing.  Love the summer months at NBKB when I can go 3 times a week or more and it is so affordable. Love the people at NBKB, it is so great to work out and receive such encouragement from Val, Gabby, Sharon, Amy, and Gina.


NBKB: Has your training carried over into your everyday lifestyle? If so, in what way?

M: The stronger you become at NBKB the more you can do at home and work.  I still work full time and as I train more I accomplish more at work or home or play.


NBKB: What does a typical week of training and active recovery look like for you?

M: During the summer months, 3 times a week NBKB, 1 time per week YBR session at NBKB.

I have at home in my bedroom, TRX straps, pull-up bar in my doorway, about 10 different sizes of Kbells, and full set of YBR balls and of course a sprinkler box. I would like to tell you that I use them every day, but I do think about it and try to do pull ups (I have one of those cheat straps) and squats with the TRX daily. I also walk my Golden 3 times a day at 4:30 am, 4pm and 8:30 pm.


NBKB: What are some other interests and activities that you enjoy?

M: A lot of dog walking and I paddleboard in the harbor on weekends from the Baby Beach.  I have a bike that is hanging in the rafters of my garage, which needs to come down.  I also do a lot of gardening on the weekends. Love computers and electronics.


NBKB: Any advice for those of us who want to be like you when we grow up?

M: Keep moving!!  Don’t ever let your age become a factor in your ability to achieve excellence.  I am still waiting to grow up.


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