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What is Open Gym?

Maybe you’ve seen it on the schedule every Monday at Wednesday from 5pm to 6:30pm but you’re not quite sure what it is and what you would do if you were to come.

Well, wonder no more!

What it is…
– It’s time when the gym is open for you to use as you see fit
– Time set aside for you to do the planned workout for the day that is written on the board
– Time set aside for you to come in and do your own workout
– Time set aside for you to work on a specific skill
– It’s an hour and a half that’s flexible. We know evenings are tough – meetings, traffic, kids activities, etc. don’t always allow you to get to the gym on time for a class. Open gym gives you the leeway you need to get here when you can and still get your workout in.
Fun. And a little more relaxed than class. If you need to take an extra round of rest, go for it! If you’re feeling great and want to do another round, awesome! If you want to get your pull-up training in before your workout, cool.

What it is not… 
Personal Training. We will be there to help you with form tweaks, just like a class, but it is not personal training. We are happy to write personalized programs for you and if you have a personalized program, you are welcome to do that during this time.
A class. You do sign up as if it were a class, but it is not run as a class. You may be starting the workout 15min after someone else. We usually try to work you in so that you’re doing exercises with another person.

Any more questions? Email us at or and we’ll answer them for you!

See you soon,

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