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Vacation Training

I’m not one to stress about training when I am on vacation but if I am going to be in a bikini for a week I want to feel comfortable, and staying active while vacationing just enhances my getaways!

It can be quite a challenge to fit in a good practice/workout of any kind while away from home. Also, I don’t normally train with conventional equipment so I have to get creative with hotel equipment and bodyweight training or I just get bored out of my mind.

10476298_10204657171094366_9169781512821818543_nRecently, I took up surfing so I knew that I would have a few days of getting some surf sessions in. Paddling out can be brutal and a ton of work for a beginner! We also booked a kayak and a snorkel excursion, which are as active as you want them to be.

So, off to the hotel gym I went for a few morning workouts…

Much to my delight as I walked into the gym- there they were- a lovely rack of about 10 kettlebells! I was set! Without missing a beat I knew what my practice would consist of. It was going to be complete in less than 30 minutes and it was going to be a full body workout that I would repeat another day. In between the two I planned a workout consisting of on the minute heavy swings for 20 reps at 20 minutes.


Here is what I did:
I used a 20k for my swings and a 16k for the rest.10547473_849041878439199_4505117865316955603_n
3 rounds took about 30 minutes
20 Swings
20 Alternating Rear Lunges
5/5 Clean and Jerk
5/5 Rows
5/5 Front Squat
1 Min Plank
3/3 Windmill
3/3 Bent Press

I left the gym feeling energized and ready for whatever the day might bring. I was on vacation after all and I fully intended to (and did) enjoy my time sipping a margarita or two, relaxing and playing.

Hasta Luego!


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