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News & Events – August 25, 2014

Our very own SFG Team Leader, Val, has decided to accept the invitation to go to Seoul, South Korea to teach two StrongFirst Kettlebell Certifications. Level 1 the first weekend in October and Level 2 the second weekend. It is a huge honor to be asked to teach at any certification and the South Korea trip is a very special one. Val will be going with two of her mentors, Dr. Mark Cheng (Senior SFG) and Jon Engum (Master SFG) and she’ll be the first female and the first team leader to go to South Korea to teach at a certification.

Val couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity and she’ll be taking you with her on the journey as she prepares, travels, teaches, learns, tries the food, and explores. So keep reading the blogs to see how the Korea trip is going!


Strength-tember is Back!

Join us for the Strength-tember challenge starting September 8th, 2014.  You set your goals, we help you meet them. Simple as that! (See last week’s post for more information or ask about it in class!)

Sign up for Strength-tember NOW!


‘Mastering the Swing’ Workshop

As a Strength-tember kickoff, our next workshop is on the Swing! Yes, you all know how to swing, but who wouldn’t like to be a little better, get a little stronger, or learn some fun new tip that’ll help make them more efficient? And a good swing will translate to a lot of good things… firm abs, better snatch, better clean, even more work in less time, and much more!

Come to our Swing Workshop on Saturday, September 13th at 9am. It’s just $25 for 1.5 hours of instruction and then we’ll head to the Beach Shack or Ellie’s after for coffee or juice and some socializing.

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