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We hope you’re all looking forward to the Swing Workshop on Saturday, September 13th!

We know you all know how to swing, but this will help you fine-tune what you do every class.

During this workshop, we’ll break the swing down and find the one thing YOU need to make your swing even more powerful and allow you to do more work in less time.

Dan John talks about the swing being a really inefficient exercise, in that you use all of your energy every swing.

Now, that may sound confusing, but an efficient exercise is something like kipping pull-ups or cycling (if you’re a cyclist) or running (if you’re a runner) – you use your body in a way that allows you to use less energy and train for longer periods.  You can do more kipping pull-ups than you can strict tactical dead-hang pull-ups because dead-hang pull-ups use more energy per rep.

Another way of saying it is that you have to spend more time doing efficient exercises to get the same calorie burn as inefficient exercises.

So, the swing, a really inefficient exercise, uses a lot of energy (read: calories) every rep, which makes it a really great tool for fat-burning.

So come to our Mastering the Swing workshop and Swing better, Snatch better, Clean better and burn more calories in every class!

Get a taste of what we’ll cover and check out this video from our dear friend, Lauren Brooks, the Kettlebell Queen. The towel swing is of one of the techniques we’ll use in the workshop.

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