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Gabby’s Vacation Training

As I work on a few recipes that are inspired by my trip to Hanalei Bay, Kauai, I thought I’d share one of the workouts I did while away. I was fortunate to have many activities at my fingertips and took full advantage of the warm water and breathtaking scenary in which to hike, surf, snorkel and play! My gracious host also just happens to have a kettlebell on hand and I brought along my TRX. Island food is plentiful, as were the Mai Tais, and I had my fair share. So, with that in mind I grabbed the Trx, the kettlebell and I headed out to the lanai for a 20 minute quickie workout.

Training in Paradise

Training in Paradise

Here’s what I did:
Swing/Goblet squat ladder –
10 swings, 1 squat
9 swings, 2 squats
all the way to 1 swing, 10 squats
10 TRX Pushups
10 TRX Row
10 TRX Pike
10 TRX Overhead Squat
Repeat B
I finshed up with 2 easy Turkish Getups on each side.


– Gabby

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