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News & Events – December 16, 2014

A correction to the last news & events blog…

The North Beach Kettlebell post-holiday Open House will be on Saturday, January 10th from 5pm to 7pm. I must’ve been looking at the wrong year when planning the party. =)


Maintenance and Mobility Continues

We’re continuing with December’s theme and it’s LUNGE-A-PALOOZA week! Come to class and get your lunge on! Your hips, glutes, inner thighs, and abs will thank you for it!


Last Couple Days for the Giving Tree

And we only have a couple of tags left on the tree! You all have been awesome and your generosity is amazing. Thank you to everyone who’s brought in shoes.

If you still want to join in on the giving, there are a couple of tags left so get in and get your shoes before Friday, December 16th!

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