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What does the Rip Trainer DO for me, anyway?

You may have noticed that we’ve been incorporating the rip trainer into our workouts lately. Wondering exactly how this piece of equipment can enhance your training?
For starters it can develop core strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s unique blend of simultaneously training rotation, core stability, balance and coordination make it a perfect compliment to our Kettlebell strength training. Whether you’re carrying groceries, golfing or throwing a ball, your body produces rotation – the rip trainer integrates this and many other everyday movements into training. By connecting the lower and upper body through the core with each rip trainer exercise, the body is challenged to stabilize through the movement…Which we like!
We also like that the resistance can be modified so that all levels of our students are free to go at their own pace. So, next time you see the rip trainer on our training board in class, you’ll now have a better idea of it’s purpose!
Happy Ripping,


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