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Tactical Strength Challenge

What it is:

A competition that takes place every April & October with the worldwide StrongFirst community. The focus is on three types of training; max strength, bodyweight strength, and cardiovascular strength.

The lifts are:

Max Barbell Deadlift, Max Number of Kettlebell Snatches in 5min, and Max Number of Dead-hang Overhand Grip Pullups (or Flexed Arm Hang)

The challenge will take place at gyms around the world on April 11th, 2015.

We have a lot of people training for it. If you haven’t yet signed up… Click here to sign up for the training.

To compete on April 11th and get your official TSC t-shirt, go to StrongFirst’s Official TSC Website.

You’ll get homework & we’ll have times on the schedule set aside for you to come in to the gym to work on the lifts with me. We’ll go over Barbell Deadlift technique, snatch technique, and you’ll have planned training.

Email me at with any questions about how to sign up and we’ll get started!



Train Smart. Be Strong. Live Balanced.


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