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News & Events – July 6, 2015

Summer’s Here!

Which means it’s time for our Annual Summer Challenge!


Summer Swings!

Attend 25 classes between July 1 & September 15 and receive a free NBKB water bottle and be entered into a chance to win your choice of either 1 Month Unlimited (up to a $150 value) OR a Personalized Training Program for the Tactical Strength Challenge ($149 value).


Coach’s Workout

We’ve added a new class to the schedule and we hope you’ll join us! It’s called Coach’s Workout and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30am, come train alongside your coaches in an open gym setting as they take you through their very own workout! Class will include swings, cleans, squats, snatches, presses, and the turkish getup. Students should be proficient in all of these lifts however, the training will be modified to suit all levels.


Training Tip

Feeling stiff or achy during class? Feel like you need a massage? Ever tried the yamuna ball or foam roller? Come to class a little early & get some tips from your teacher on how to roll out some of those knots.

Better yet, try a YBR (Yamuna Ball Rolling) class with Kim, Thursdays at 10am. It’s a 1-hour guided full body massage. Best thing you’ll do all week.

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