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News & Events – August 24, 2015

Summer’s Almost Over!

You’re taking those last couple days away… You’re heading to the beach… You’re enjoying time with family… But how do you get your training in?

Our Quickie Classes are perfect for those without a lot of time.

Finish the Summer Challenge strong by getting double points at our Quickie Classes & our Coach’s Workouts.


Fall Challenge

We’ll begin our fall challenge on September 14th so come in before then to get your measurements.

You’ll be choosing at least one cardio goal, one strength goal, and one body composition goal.

More details coming soon!


Tactical Strength Challenge

IMG_2033 IMG_2027 IMG_2008

It’s back! October 31st, 2015, we’ll be competing again with the StrongFirst community.

Sign up here to get your training plan started. It’s $149 for 8 weeks of training plans and special training times to get you ready for the Challenge. We need to start testing and training before September 14th. If you plan to also participate in the Fall Challenge, these two challenges compliment each other well and there will be a discounted rate for those of you doing both challenges.

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