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Why Train for the TSC?

By now, we know that the Tactical Strength Challenge is:

  1. Max Deadlift
  2. Max Number of Pullups OR Max Time for Flexed Arm Hang
  3. Max Number of Snatches for 5-minutes

Flexed Arm Hang or Pull-Ups

What makes the TSC special?

Strong people will naturally do well in the deadlift, but they may not do well in the pull-ups. People with bodyweight strength will naturally do well in the pull-ups and flexed arm hang, not necessarily in the deadlift. The snatch is like a mile sprint – it’s tough for everybody!



To do well in all 3, you have to be strong for one rep (deadlift), strong for multiple reps (pull-ups), and have some endurance (snatch).

I say, that’s what makes the TSC “special”. It’s also what makes it tough for everyone.



Runners sign up for running races because that’s what they do. Cyclists ride to San Diego and back because that’s what they do. The TSC has a challenge for everyone!

Challenge yourself. Compete this year!

Sign up to compete and sign up to train with us (training program provided by Val)

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