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TRX & Bodyweight Classes

We’ve added a new class to the schedule every Tuesday & Thursday at 9am.

You won’t touch a kettlebell in this new TRX & Bodyweight class. Instead, we’ll focus on the other tools we have at the gym to get you a killer workout: TRX, Medicine Balls, Rip Trainer, Jump Ropes, Boxes, etc.

It’s intended to be a compliment to your kettlebell training, so come to these in addition to your regular kettlebell class!

And… don’t forget…

The Kettlebell Quickie!

Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:00pm. It’s a quick workout with a 5-min warmup, 20-min of cardio, and 5-min of cool down.

This is the class where we REALLY practice what we preach:

Maximum Results. Minimum Time.

Think it’s not enough? Come to a class. We promise you won’t be asking for more when you leave!

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  • Paula Oblen says:

    So happy about the TRX/Bodyweight Classes…especially when I’m happy with my bodyweight:-) lol
    Thanks North Beach Kettle Bell for adding this class, I’ve been wanting this! Hope to add in the Tues/Thurs class soon.

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