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We’re making this November challenge and annual thing.

As we approach the holiday season, we want everyone at NBKB to make an effort to MOVE MORE!


Last year, we did 100 swings/day for every day in November. And we gave money to the Boys & Girls Club of San Clemente – people who help kids MOVE MORE.

This year, the charity is the same, but we want you all to choose your own goal.

Your goal:

  1. Must be something you can do every day.
    • Ex: “do 30min of activity every day”
    • Ex: “40 pushups on even days & 100 bodyweight squats on odd days”
    • Ex: “150 kettlebell swings or snatches every day”
  2. Must be something that is challenging but doable
    • Not “walk from my bed to the coffee machine”
    • Not “1000 swings/day”
    • Somewhere in between those =)
  3. Must have a contingency plan
    • Ex: Goal: 200 swings/day but you’re traveling out of town & don’t have access to kettlebells. Your contingency plan may be 30min of a ‘hotel workout’. (pulling from great workouts of the past… find ideas here and here)

We have calendars in the gym for everyone to track their goals so get to NBKB, come up with a goal (we can help!), and start your calendar!

Move More this Movember!


Train Smart. Be Strong. Live Balanced.

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