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TSC Recap

By November 12, 2015Pacific Strength

I’m always blown away after the StrongFirst TSC (Tactical Strength Challenge), when all of the competitors have completed their events and we tally up the PR’s. Last Saturday’s TSC competition was no different. Wow! Congratulations to all of the competitors!


I was so fortunate to train alongside fun, focused, committed people who set their goals and killed it at the TSC. Out of all of the hours of training together over the last 8 weeks, grew a camaraderie that is sure to last through to the next TSC and beyond – and this is the byproduct of everyone’s hard work. Everyone gained physical strength, improved their cardio and saw their bodies change for the better. The excitement of the day, watching the deadlifts, pull-ups & flexed arm hang and snatch competition was the culmination of lots of sweat, commitment to good nutrition and getting to the gym even when that was the last thing we wanted to do after a long day. When the last event was over, I got chills watching the high fives and hugs, hearing the cheers and seeing the (proud) tears. It was a euphoric day after a long journey. So….now what??

For me one of the most satisfying feelings in life is setting a goal and achieving it. I’m sure everyone took a couple of days off from training and have probably decided that pullups, flexed arm hangs and snatches are at the bottom of your list of “fun” things to do. That’s ok! But there is something to be said about having something to train for, or to work towards, or to be a part of. PICK SOMETHING! Is it that you want to continue on your journey toward living a long (and strong) healthy life? Is it wanting to reduce some stress in your day? Are you looking toward your next promotion at work or to make some time to be a volunteer? Do you want to spend more time with your kids or parents? Do you want to find peace and quiet for an hour each day? We all have something that we would like to do, have, give or improve upon. Pick your “thing” BEFORE the New Year and make a plan to achieve it.

If your goal is something we can help you with at NBKB, let us know! Wouldn’t it be great to keep that euphoric feeling of accomplishment for as long as possible? Well, you can! It starts with you!


-Gina Steele, SFGII

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