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Hello 2016!

By January 10, 2016Pacific Strength

You may have noticed an absence of a 2016 New Year kick-off weight-loss challenge.


I assure you it’s purposeful.

It’s not that we don’t love resolutions! I love the New Year. I love new beginnings. One of the many things I love about the Yoga Shala I go to is that we celebrate every new year (Chinese, Indian, Western…) which means another reason to take stock, look at what you’re doing, and evaluate what you would like to do differently.

What I don’t love is looking back and punishing yourself because you didn’t do x,y, or z last year. Or looking back and beating yourself up about eating too much through the holidays. Or kicking yourself for not running that half-marathon.

This year, we decided NOT to do a weight-loss challenge starting January 1 because we need time to reflect. We need time to evaluate the last year and really look at what we want to do this year.

So we’re encouraging everyone to do that. Look back at last year. Evaluate. What went well? What would you like to do differently this year?

Think about goals for this year. And we really want it NOT to be about weight. But, if losing some weight would make you healthier, then OK. Let’s put HEALTH at the top of the list, though. Let’s focus on HEALTH. Focus on eating better because you’ll FEEL better. Focus on getting to class more often because it’ll give you MORE ENERGY. Let’s focus on running to increase ENDURANCE. Let’s focus on STRENGTH so you can do more & feel great.

With that in mind, we’d like to offer a One Hour FREE Goal Setting Workshop on Saturday, January 23rd at 9am (right after the 8am class).

We’ll talk about how to set goals, how to do things differently so that you meet your goals this time, and then we’ll also dabble a bit into long-term goals.

And then we’re going to do a Challenge at the gym in February to help keep you accountable to your goals. OUR GOAL is to get everyone as healthy as they can be, feeling awesome by summer!


-Val Hedlund

Train Smart. Be Strong. Live Balanced.

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