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Summer Challenge – 2017

By June 1, 2017June 5th, 2017News & Events, Pacific Strength

Cost: $100

This challenge will work on a point system.

Starting June 1, you will get points for every swing, squat, clean, press, snatch, pullup, row, lunge, deadlift, & getup you do.

You’ll get points for attending classes & workshops.

You’ll get points for jumping rope, for every mile you walk or run, & for every 30min of “other cardio” you participate in.

You’ll get points for the training you do while you’re out of town. All you need to do is log your training & add up your points!

The summer challenge will end August 31. After that, we’ll add up all your points & for every 50, you’ll get a raffle ticket.

All of the raffle tickets will go in a jar & one lucky winner will get half the pot!

The more people who participate, the bigger the pot.

The more you do, the better chance you’ll have to win!

Point system is as follows:


We have a lot of competitive people at Pacific Strength & we LOVE that! Go out and get earn your points!

***NOTE: For the work you do outside of the gym, it’s on an honor system. That means, please report accurately & when you’re training at home, DO NOT RUSH THROUGH & PERFORM CRAPPY REPS just to get points. For instance:

  • Squats should look like what we perform in class (full range, slow, tight abs, etc)
  • Pullups & pushups need to be in their FULL range of motion
  •  0.8miles walked does not = 1 mile =)


Thank you!!! & we look forward to a really fun summer where we all get more fit & one lucky person will win a big chunk of $$$

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