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Curriculum Changes – September 2017

By September 25, 2017Pacific Strength

As many of you know, I take great pride in planning your daily torture training and I thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve been spending more time recently and I hope you’ve been liking what you’ve been doing!

When I sat back to think about it though, in the context of you all as our students & Gina, Sharon, & I as your teachers, I think we’ve been lacking in the area of learning. I know that we are awesome when it comes to correcting in class & getting the most out of all of you, but I think we can do better. We’ve done skills clinics in the past & while the people who attend get a lot of benefit; not everyone is able to because we all have busy lives, kids, jobs, etc.

So how do we get the skills training in without NEEDING a 90-minute clinic? Well, we’re going to try to add it to every class. This means that class may be a little longer than 45-min (I’m thinking an extra 10-min will do!) and my hope is to tear apart every movement and build them all back up so that you come away with a deeper understanding of what you’re doing in here. We’ll still teach skills clinics for those of you who prefer a dedicated time to one skill (please check your email for a survey on when to do those!).

It feels good to make this change because it’s in line with how we do everything at Pacific Strength. We’re not a typical gym. We don’t just come to “work out”. We come to Pacific Strength to train, to train smart, and to be Strong for Life! Thanks for training with us!


– Val

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