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Happy 2018!

By January 7, 2018January 10th, 2019Pacific Strength

The New Year is a great time to reflect: To look back on 2017 and give yourself a pat on the back for the many things you accomplished as well as look forward and consider what you’d like to come into your life in 2018.

I think we all get a little weird when talking about “Resolutions”. I hear things like, “Why wait for the calendar to turn to make a change for the better?” and “I don’t need a New Year’s Resolution: I try to be better every day” and while I agree with both of those things, I do like a communal opportunity for a new day. Another chance. Another opportunity to be better.

So maybe instead of thinking about your resolutions as goals, think about your 2018 resolutions as intentions. Don’t say “I’m going to swing kettlebells 3 x/week, every week, no matter what”. Make your intention to move deeper into your kettlebell practice. Learn more about what your body is doing while you’re training. Try to be better every day and learn as you go. Maybe you want to do a getup with a really heavy kettlebell. Cool! Have that in the back of your mind. But focus on your movement and on what you can do to improve your training every day, what you can do to learn more about that movement. Be less focused on the outcome and enjoy the journey a little more.

Which leads me to…

How I feel about Weight Loss Challenges


You know I hate them. They are anti-everything we do here. For many reasons.

  1. They don’t work.
    • well… maybe they do for a little bit. While you’re in the ‘challenge’. But then once the designated challenge is over, you’re back to your old routine.
    • and then the weight comes back.
  2. I hate the mindset of typical weight-loss challenges:
    • Lose that 10-lbs you packed on over the holidays
      • read: You are a horrible & shame on you for enjoying your time with your family and friends.
    • Get your beach body back before summer
      • read: You are only valuable if you can wear a bikini at the beach and you’re ready for the cover of sports illustrated.
    • New Year, New You!
      • read: The old you is no good.

We like the old you

Why can’t we be nicer to ourselves?

Enter the Pacific Strength 2018 Challenge


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