The Pacific Strength 2018 Challenge

I considered calling this the “be nice to yourself” challenge. Or the “let’s get real with our goals & expectations” challenge. Or the “feel good, move more, and all is coming” challenge. But we’ll stick with the PS 2018 Challenge. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

  • Write down your 2017 accomplishments
  • Write down positive changes you made in 2017

Step 2:

  • Write down how you want to feel in 2018
    • strong?
    • happy?
    • healthy?
  • Write down what you envision yourself doing so that you can feel how you want to feel.
    • focus on form & how you feel while you’re training
    • spend more time with people who make you smile
    • fuel your body with good & healthy food so that you feel your best

Step 3:

Join this challenge and focus on feeling good, doing more, and enjoying your training. See how that works for you! Below are the Important Dates & nitty-gritty of the Challenge:

Week of January 15th: Sign up for the Challenge (CLICK HERE) – $149
Week of January 22nd: 
  • 8-week Challenge Starts This Week!
  • Start your 2-3 extra days of swings & getups
    • Simple
      • 100 SA Swings (50 each arm)
      • 10 Getups (5 each arm)
    • Work toward Sinister
      • Swings in under 5-minutes
      • 1 minute rest
      • Getups in under 10-minutes
Week of February 12th:
Week of February 19th:
  • Get your halfway measurements & reassess
  • Want to work toward Sinister?
  • 8 weeks before TSC
  • Start TSC training
Week of March 26th
  • Final Measurements
  • Final Testing of SA Swing & Getup
Saturday, April 14th

This is just so me. I had to include it! You know I’m excited about the challenge & the TSC & the daily teachings. I’m excited about everything!


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