2018 Challenge – Simple & Sinister

For the 2018 Challenge, we’re adding Swings & Getups to your regular routing, a la Pavel’s Simple & Sinister.

I have a couple extra copies of the book at the gym you can pick up for $20 if you’d like to have one on hand. But I’m going to break down the routine for you here:



I’m making it even simpler than Pavel’s simple, because Pavel doesn’t really do simple =)

So our “Simple” version is for you to add this to any day you wouldn’t normally train:

  1. 100 Total Swings, any style (2-hand, one-hand, alternating), any weight
  2. 10 Total Getups, any weight, even no weight or a shoe

It’s really that simple. No time limit. Just go with how you feel.

*One stipulation: the swings should be powerful (not necessarily heavy), so when performing the 100 swings, do 10 powerful swings at a time, & shake out/rest as needed.



Our version of “Sinister” will be to hold yourself to the time constraints.

  1. 10 Single Arm Swings every 30-seconds for 5-minutes, switching arms each round
  2. rest 1 min
  3. 1 Get-up every minute for 10-minutes, switching arms each round
  4. Get heavier as it gets easier


A Couple Caveats:

  1. If you’re going for Sinister & you don’t feel awesome one day, do a Simple day
    • no judgements
    • no time
    • something is better than nothing
    • a light day when needed is better than pushing through a hard day when your body is saying NO!
  2. If you’re going for Sinister & you want to move up in weight, do so slowly
    • move one round (each arm) of swings to the next heavier weight (preferably the 2nd or 3rd round)
    • add more rounds at the heavier weight until all rounds are with the heavier weight
    • same goes for Getup
  3. Getup & Swing weights DO NOT have to move up at the same time or at the same rate


Your Challenge will include:

  • a calendar to track your training (because you know you need one for 2018!)
  • measurements before, half way, & at the end
  • reassessment & progress check half way
  • FMS before & at the end
  • a facebook message group for those doing the challenge
  • guidance from me on how to progress/handle challenges you may face


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