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Referral Challenge 2018

The fall is the perfect time to bring a friend who’s been meaning to try kettlebells for a while.

Even if you don’t have kids or yours are grown and out of the house, September always feels like a fresh start. And you may have friends who are looking to try something new to shake up their training routine and start seeing some results.

Here’s how to get your friends started:

  1. Have them come to any TRX & Foundational Strength Class
    • the FREE one this month is September 15th at 9am
    • the drop-in for all other classes is $25 or they can purchase a shirt
  2. Have them send me an email and be sure to mention your name
    • we can do a one-on-one or small group session to get them started with kettlebell classes
    • they can start with personal training
  3. Check out our 10-Week Kickstart Challenge
    • this is for friends
      • who want to start making positive changes when it comes to food and exercise
      • willing to commit to 45-min sessions, 3 days/week
        • 10:30am MWF
        • 5pm MW & 8am or 9am Sat
      • 30-55 years old
      • want to feel better & get leaner
      • have 5+lbs of fat to lose
      • would like to build strength and confidence
      • are stressed and busy
      • have trouble with restrictive dieting
      • are goal driven

If you know someone who wants to start, NOW is the time to give them that friendly nudge to get in here (or blindfold them and throw them in your car… whatever works).

Referral Bonus:

August 15th – October 15th 2018

When your friend comes to class:

  • you get a $10 gift card to Ellie’s Table – take your friend to coffee after class – ON US!
  • if your friend stays for 3 months, YOU get $50 credit on your account (our regular referral thank you gift)
  • if your friend stays for 3 months, THEY get $50 credit too
  • you get entered in a drawing to win $100 CASH!

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