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No Mirrors. No Fancy Gadgets.

By October 18, 2018Pacific Strength

We’re a bit old-school here, but we really really love that about our space.

I don’t know about you, but with social media and all the techy-gadgets that do everything from telling you how many steps you took to reminding you to breathe at your desk at work, I am up to my ears in technology.

What happened to listening to how you feel and getting feedback from your body? What about having a relationship with a real human and allowing that real human to help you through something?

Now, I know fitbits and apple watches and the like are useful and can be really good tools. I have seen them be really helpful when trying to get over a hump: if you haven’t been diligent with exercise or food, tracking it and setting goals is a wonderful way to keep yourself accountable. Setting goals for yourself as well as creating a little challenge with friends is a great way to get the ball rolling. Tracking metrics definitely has its place. But ultimately, are you a metric? Or are you a human?

You don’t have to have your heart rate advertised on the gym wall to push yourself and get a good workout. We may have a little friendly competition in class, but when it comes down to it, you are training for you. Doing what you can do, based on how you feel that day. We don’t want you concerned with what your neighbor is doing… because guess what? It doesn’t matter. Maybe they got a full night’s sleep & you’ve been waking up every night at midnight to take your toddler to the bathroom so that you don’t have to wash the sheets AGAIN. (Ok, maybe that’s just me). But if that’s you too and you’re gauging your effort (or heaven forbid your worth) based on your ranking in a class, well then, you’re doing more harm than good.

The way I see it, exercise is meant to help you feel better and enjoy life more. I want that for each one of my students. We’re here to help you be your best and some days that means pushing harder, some days it means holding back. We will do that. That’s why you train with somebody who has the experience and the mindset to tailor your training to your personal fitness goals.
We are here for you. If you want to be healthy, if you want to be fit, if you want to be the strongest version of yourself there is, come train with us. We will celebrate victories with you, but we don’t care about the weight on the scale, the weight you lift, or the latest gear: we just want to help you be better every day.
The days are long and the years are short: use your days to get stronger so that the years can be filled with adventure.

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