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January 2019 – 10 Week Kickstart Challenge

By December 14, 2018January 11th, 2019Pacific Strength

Why not?

  1. We think the current version of you is probably pretty great.
  2. There’s nothing special about January 1st that makes it a good time to start training.

You see, we believe that every day is a good day to start. And we do our best to make the process smooth, ease you in, and help you feel comfortable while you do that.

With that said, if this is the time for you to add strength and health and fitness into your life, we’re here for you.

We had a group of new-comers start a 10-Week Kickstart Challenge in September and it went so well, we decided to do another. Here is what a couple of our September Challengers said about their experience:

“The Kickstart Challenge was exactly what I needed. This particular challenge, Val created for people like me, who were having a difficult time reentering into a group workout after not exercising for an extended period of time. I was granted the opportunity to begin again at a level I was comfortable with allowing me to work up to the regular classes that (at first) seemed too much. I learned through these weeks that I could overcome the mental hurdles I had created & become strong again. It is a process that takes time and effort and I am just getting started! Even though I have a lot more work to do, this has become a workout I look forward to and I am not intimidated by. I am encouraged and inspired by the success of others. The best part is getting on the slopes this week and really enjoying myself. I know I would not have felt as strong as I do without these weeks of increasing my strength. Thank you Val, Gina, Stephanie and Sharon.”

-Tiffaney G

“In a few short weeks, I felt right at home in the gym, proud of myself for working to become my best self, and thrilled to have met so many other wonderful and supportive women doing the same. They helped me shift to a mindset in which I genuinely look forward to coming to Pacific Strength to challenge my mind and body in new ways and see familiar, smiling faces. Seriously, they are the best of the best — both tremendous teachers and tremendous human beings who genuinely strive to help nurture others. They are focused on form, setting each individual up for success, and celebrating progress along the way! Personalized instruction in a group setting is just phenomenal at Pacific Strength! They took the intimidation factor away during this challenge and I enjoyed it so much that I committed to training all of 2019 with them too. Can’t wait to see my progress a year from now thanks to these wonderful women!”

– Courtney C.

We’ll begin the next challenge officially on January 28th and you’ll need to come in before that to get all of your goals set.

Our goals for you include:

  • to you feel good about yourself
  • to you feel good about your body
  • to stop caring about a number on a scale
  • to start focusing more on how you feel and what your body is able to do!

And to be honest… if you actually need to lose weight, that is when it happens – when you stop focusing on it!


In this challenge, our energy will be going toward:



Challenge Begins Monday, January 28th

Sign up & get your Kick-Start Goal-Setting Session before that!

10-weeks takes you up through March

$600 for 10-weeks (2 payments of $300)

$575 if you sign up before January 7th
$550 each if you get a buddy to sign up with you

email me for promo codes!


Who is the challenge for?

Women, ages 30-55, who answer YES to the following:

  • you want to start making positive changes when it comes to food and exercise
  • you are willing to commit to 45-min sessions, 3 days/week
    • 9:30am MWF
    • 5pm MW & 9am Sat
  • you want to feel better & get leaner
  • you have 5+lbs you want to lose
  • you would like to build strength and confidence
  • you are stressed and busy
  • you have trouble with restrictive dieting
  • you are goal driven


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