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Teachings -Bottom’s Up Kettlebell Work – 2019

By July 15, 2019July 19th, 2019Pacific Strength

As you may know, we take 5 minutes (ish) at the beginning of class and use that to teach a skill. It’s different all the time and we pride ourselves on the fact that Pacific Strength is not a place to merely “work out”. It is a school of strength and our students (everyone who comes to classes or personal training sessions) are here to get better every day. We teach the skill of strength and we know that when you practice the skills, you will be stronger.

We have been working on Bottom’s Up Kettlebell training for the last couple of weeks and I’ve been posting videos on YouTube. In an effort to link everything together, I’m posting links to those videos below.

So… Why Bottom’s Up?

  1. It’s one of my favorite “sneaky ab work” training tools
    • You use your abs even when you’re not trying.
    • You can feel your abs engage in a way that’s unlike any other movement.
  2. It’s great to train grip strength
    • If you’re working on grip strength (for pullups, Jiu-Jitsu, deadlift, or simply to translate to shoulder strength), the bottom’s up kettlebell variations will challenge your grip like no other!
  3. It’s great for engaging lats!
    • Engaging lats will help disengage neck muscles that are overworked from stress.
    • Learning to engage lats will help you press, deadlift, pullup, and do more without neck pain!
  4. It’s great for shoulder stability
    • In order to keep that kettlebell from falling over, your shoulder stabilizers will be working overtime.
    • Our shoulder stabilizers can get overlooked if we’re military pressing & the surrounding muscles are strong (the big strong guys take over).
    • Bottom’s up training forces those stabilizers to wake up & play along!
  5. It’s great for improving pressing strength
    • Not only because of the things mentioned above but also because it helps you dial in a perfect pressing path.

Check out our YouTube page for more tips and tricks

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