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2020 is for Goals

By January 2, 2020January 19th, 2020Pacific Strength

We are updating the way we do things here and we are doing it for YOU!

Coming from a personal training background and knowing the impact specific training can have on the progress of each individual, I have always been a little uneasy about group classes.

I love the camaraderie. I love the community they create. I love the relationships built. And I know that many people like the group dynamic while training.

While I have always kept classes small & personal, & have been very purposeful when planning the training for our group classes, the truth is, if a plan is made to work for everyone… it really works for no one individual.

So, I’m attempting to do something I don’t think is done anywhere in a group class setting: Goal setting and training created for you based on your goals.

I know coaches who do personal training and small group personal training like this, but the groups are much smaller and the price tag is much higher.

You will be getting training based on your goals

The way it will work:

  1. You will choose a goal:
    1. Get Strong(er)
    2. Stay Strong / Get Back to Strong
    3. Lean & Strong
  2. We will perform a couple of weeks of testing to determine what your weights should be during your program.
  3. You will come to class times and work on your goals. Other people in the same class working on the same goal will do the same training as you, possibly with different weights. Other people in the same class working on different goals will have a different training plan.
  4. You can still go jump in the ocean or have coffee together afterward.

Having trouble choosing a goal?

Fill out either the SMART Goals Worksheet (below) or the 1- ,5- ,&10-year Vision/Plan Worksheet

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