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No Days Without Swings - 2020 | Pacific Strength

No Days Without Swings – 2020

By November 3, 2020Pacific Strength

November with Pacific Strength has always been #NoDaysWithoutSwings and I plan to continue this as long as I swing kettlebells =). This year, I have a suggestion for you:

  • Monday: 10 x 10 moderate weight swings
  • Tuesday: 5 sets of 10R + 10L moderate weight swings
  • Wednesday: 10 x 10 heavy swings
  • Thursday: 10 sets of 5R + 5L SA Swings or Snatches
  • Friday: 5 x 20 moderate weight swings
  • Saturday: 4 x 25 light weight swings
  • Sunday: 5 x 20 moderate weight swings

Sign in to the google doc, add your name, and add your daily swing count!

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