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New Year, New Project

I am excited to announce the start of my *Find Your Strength* Book Club. Starting this book club has been on my mind for some time now. I love teaching, training, and coaching. I believe in the methods I use and I know that I can help people. If you’re willing to put in the physical work, I can help you. 

I also know that it’s not that simple & have cultivated a culture that fosters positive change. When you come see me, there’s a specific language used: teacher/coach, student (not client), training (not workout), focus on what you can do (not how you look), etc. It’s been my way of brainwashing my students into believing in themselves and changing the way we all view exercise and gym settings.

It’s subtle and it can take a while for some to pick on on the cues, so this book club cuts right to the chase. Because here’s the deal: what we do in the gym is a piece of the puzzle, but not the entire picture. The books we will read together in this book club will be focused on the other aspects that make us healthy – mindset, how we think and feel about food & our bodies, how our world view shapes how fit we become… 

And I am so excited to be reading our first book together: Lean & Strong by Josh Hillis. Josh is a coach, an author, and an all around awesome dude who has helped thousands of people meet their fitness and weight loss goals with his simple and easy to implement strategies for behavior change.

We’ll be meeting twice a month via zoom (recorded for those who cannot make the meeting) to discuss the book and share our experiences. 

Want in on the fun?! DM me with your email address and I’ll send you the info.

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As more people are interested, I’m realizing the Find Your Strength Book Club needs a little more explanation… 

There are a lot of ways to do book clubs. I’ve been a part of book clubs that were more excuses to drink wine and chat (I loved that one) and others that were serious discussions of the books we read (I loved that one too).

My vision of the Find Your Strength book club is one where we read thought-provoking books that provide actionable steps to take, and we’ll read at a reasonable pace (like a chapter every couple of weeks if there’s a lot to ingest). We’ll meet via zoom every other week. I plan to read ahead to give guidance as to how much is appropriate for the next chunk of reading. Before the zoom calls, I’ll send out questions for you to think about & that I plan to discuss. In the zoom call, there will be no pressure to contribute, although the group will benefit from healthy participation. 

I chose the first book because it’s the new year, a time for renewed commitment to yourself, and typically a time to make positive changes in your health. While the diet industry is cashing in this time of year, this book will challenge you to ditch diets and focus on practicing skills that will help you meet your objectives.

We’ll vote on the next book – all suggestions will be considered!

Why Find Your Strength?

  • Helping women find their strength has been a passion of mine for some time. Training & teaching the skill of strength is a great way to physically find strength and ability you didn’t know you had. Through the process of training for something physically, mental strength is honed. While focusing on improving a skill and putting in the physical work, you’ll find mental road blocks being removed.

Why a book club?

  • The psychology behind what makes someone great, happy, depressed, strong, fit, etc is absolutely fascinating and I have sought out books to help better understand what makes all of us tick.
  • I want to get women together who are looking to be the best version of themselves.
  • I have a list of books I’ve either already read or want to read that I know will benefit my tribe. I’m sure you have a list too! I’m excited to hear what you have to share.
  • I want to read together and support each other in becoming the best we can be as we navigate the world we’re living in. 
  • I want to challenge convention and popular culture with whole-hearted living and return to internal knowing.

Join us! Sign Up for the Book Club

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