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Start Somewhere. Find Joy.

We know that if we have a goal, we have to start somewhere.

I’m a ‘start small’ person. Do one new thing, change one thing, feel accomplished, & then add more. For some people, that’s too slow. It doesn’t feel like they’re doing anything. They need to dive in & change everything to make the commitment.

Either way could work.

The part we often forget is the part where we remember why we wanted to make the change & find joy in the things we’re doing, big or small, to get us to our goal.

There are so many different paths that will get from here to there. If you’re not enjoying the road you’re on, it’s time to find a new road.

Next time you find yourself getting ready to complain, I want you to try something:
⏯ Pause
💭 Think/Consider
➡️ Do I really not like this?
If you don’t, 👉 time to find something you do like
➡️ Do I know this is helping me? Do I want to like this?
If the answer is yes, 👉 Find something you enjoy about what you’re doing.
🎰 Bonus? Say it out loud.

My example: I have a goal to move my body with purpose every day. Could be strength training, yoga, walking, jogging, biking, jump rope… I just need to do *something* every day. #dailypurposefulmovement

I don’t always want to. I get into funks, I’m easily depressed, but I know I feel better when I move. I do my best to choose what I think my body needs that day, find joy, and express gratitude.

Many of the “I don’t feel like it” days, I choose to be deeply grateful my body is capable of movement & remember that won’t always be true. On walks, I challenge myself to find something beautiful – to say, ‘if I didn’t do this walk, I wouldn’t have seen this beautiful thing’ – that is my joy on the walk. #simple #itworks

Where is your joy?

#wedontgettodothisforever #dothething #enjoythething #findthejoy #begrateful #strongforlife #pause #think


Pro tip: If you’re one of those people who just likes to complain about what you’re doing, stop. No, really, just 🛑. You’re likely draining the energy out of the people around you & words have power. You’re telling yourself you don’t like the thing you’re doing that’s going to help you meet your goal. 🤔 How can that be helpful?

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