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Always Something

By January 19, 2022Pacific Strength

It’s #alwayssomething. There’s always some really good reason not to train.

📈A bad day at work.
🤕A sinus headache.
🦵🏻A broken leg.
✌️A sprained finger.
🗓A jam-packed schedule.

Yet… there’s #alwayssomething you CAN do.

📈? Jump rope for 10-min.
🤕? Go for a walk.
🦵🏻? Think of exercises you can do seated: rows, presses, half getups… follow @sarahpolacco for ideas
✌️? Squat, lunge, & change the way you hold the weights to avoid your injury.
🗓? Squeeze in squats & pushups throughout your day. Break away for 10min to warmup & swing… Go for a bunch of walks.

Notice I’m not saying “ignore the pain” or “just push through” or “go against doctors orders”. What I’m saying is “get creative” & “don’t let circumstances get you down for long”.

Not because you’re “bad” if you take a day off or don’t train for a couple days. But because you’ll feel better if you do something.

And I’m in the business of helping people feel better. Exercise impacts physical & mental well being. When my students get injured, I’m not worried about them gaining weight or how the time off will effect #gainz … I’m more concerned about their mental health. I know how much physical activity positively impacts well-being & I want my students to continue doing whatever they can to maintain a positive outlook!

I also know how difficult it is to start back up once you’ve stopped. It’s easier to keep the momentum going (even if it’s changed/modified significantly) than to have to start again.

This is what is at the heart of my #dailypurposefulmovement initiative. It’s not about doing #everything #everyday, it’s about doing #something everyday & creating healthy habits.

#itsalwayssomething #theresalwayssomething #learnandgrow #feelaccomplished #dowhatyoucan #becauseitsgoodforyou #strongforlife

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