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There’s a business thing about “finding your why”. Why you do what you do, why you’re in the business you’re in, and why you need to communicate your why. If you haven’t seen the Ted talk, pop over there & watch it.

It really relates to why you do any of the things you do. And I have always been so fascinated by that. Why do some people train consistently over the years? Why do others stop and start over and over again?

Check below to see my business why (to find fitness that works for you!) and my fitness why (really live each day the best I can).
What’s your fitness why? Why do you want to train?

Friendly reminder: It’s ok for your why to shift & change. And for there to be many “whys”.

Pro tip: Make your “why” read as a positive, something to strive for, and something that fits the person you are (the person inside). The one you want the world to see.

Share your why, fitness or business or both! I’d love to hear them!

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