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Your Golden Journey

By January 28, 2022Pacific Strength

Many of you know my yoga teacher Diana Christinson and the influence she has had on me.

Well, she wrote a book called Your Golden Journey and she announced a year-long study group for people interested in growth, personal development, and implementing simple practices to enhance your life.


Please read about it below and go to her site to sign up!


In her email to her students, she wrote:

I am excited to announce the online course Your Golden Journey: A 45-Week Extended Experience. This course offers the opportunity to connect with me at your own convenience each week, and live on Zoom each month, as I guide you through a year of mindful and transformative practices.
By making this commitment to yourself, you are setting an intention to invite more joy and inspiration into all the corners of your life. Stay engaged and develop a consistent, sustainable practice with me and the online community. As your teacher, I will be walking this path with you, supporting your personal growth and change with inspiration and encouragement for ongoing practice.
Change doesn’t happen overnight – it is an unfolding that takes patience and dedication.  The teachings are a light on your path to ignite your passions, give you hope, change your perspective, and experience transformative growth.
My intention is to help more people decrease stress and increase joy, vibrant health, and gratitude through simple and accessible daily practices. Join me this year and connect for our FIRST LIVE ZOOM THIS SATURDAY!
Be part of the first live study and open platform for discussion!
Saturday, January 29th
11:30am PT on Zoom!
First topic: Peace isn’t a destination – it’s a practice
Pay monthly or for the year to join me and the Your Golden Journey Community!
$35 monthly payment
$350 one-time payment
Bring your coffee, tea, dogs, and cats and join me for
inspiration and growth in 2022.

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