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What’s the old adage?

It’s better than the alternative.

How aging affects you depends on a lot of factors.
Are you getting your strength training in?
Are you getting quality food?
Are you getting your cardio in?
Are you nurturing relationships?
Are you resting?
Are you working on personal growth?
How do you perceive aging?

I have this thing going on with my knee. It’s an injury that’s been nagging for the last couple of years and it’s really been bothering me these last couple of weeks. As the calendar shows another year going by, I start to reflect on another year of life… I start to get worried about aging. I went down a not-so-great rabbit hole of “I’m getting old and my knees are giving out” and “if I can’t injury-proof myself then who am I to help others?” and “my lifting/running days are over”.

After a couple days of wallowing (and seeing my PT), I came out of it and remembered that aging is a natural process. Our bodies decay and things start to give out. We aren’t as strong as we used to be. We can’t run as far as we used to. And sometimes things break. But we can repair them. We can be as strong as possible at any age. And we know that everything is easier if you’re strong.
If you need help with your training, let me know. I’m here and the programs are easier than ever to access.

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