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Bodies 1/?

By February 2, 2022Pacific Strength

My take on bodies:

We’re all given one at birth. We grow & change & can alter our appearance a bit, but we all have different genetics & the form we take as adults varies.

Our bodies are containers that house our essence, our true selves, who we really are under all the makeup, clothes, fat, muscles, personas, degrees, etc. I know that sounds woo-woo, but who we are is not what we look like on the outside.

That doesn’t mean that how we look doesn’t affect how others treat us, how we see ourselves, and if society deems us worthy of certain things.

Take me for example: I’ve always had muscular arms. There have been times in my life I was seen as beefy or too muscly and so I tried to hide my arms. At that time, I wanted to be tall & skinny (that look was “in”). The tide started turning & women wanted to train with me *because of* my arms. So, I wore more tank tops & felt good about being short & stocky.

Same me. Different narrative.

Now, I wear what I feel good in. & try to not let what others think about how I look have an effect on me. I am who I am & it’s partly due to genetics (I have aunts who don’t strength train & look like they do push-ups every day) & partly due to the fact that I enjoy lifting weights.

You’re not a fan? Cool! It’s not your body! Want my arms? Choose your parents better next time 🤪 Stupid joke, but it’s to say you’re not going to get my arms training with me, just like I wouldn’t have gotten taller & leaner by training with a tall & skinny trainer.

There are plenty of trainers who *look* the part but aren’t able to help you at all. (A side note… maybe I’ll address that one day)

Train with me & while we work on the avatar, I am focused on you and where your head & heart are at around fitness. That’s where we start. I want you to accept who you currently are, help you learn to appreciate yourself & help you optimize your avatar.

Wouldn’t the world be better if we all accepted ourselves, appreciated ourselves, & (therefore) had the bandwidth to optimize ourselves?

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