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Body Positivity

By February 7, 2022Pacific Strength

Body Positivity

Is not:

🚩Loving every part of your body every second of every day.

If this is what you think body positivity is, you’ll end up feeling worse because we all have *flaws* and *imperfections* and you’ll see them and you can’t *pretend* they’re things you actually like. You are not going to *trick* you.

Body positivity is:

❤️ Loving yourself enough not to criticize every part of your body every second of every day.

We can shoot for that! We can spin things to our advantage. If I start to think my arms are “too big” I can also think about all of the things they allow me to do. What I can’t do is try to tell myself that my arms aren’t big. (Lying to yourself rarely works)

🥰 It’s also knowing your innate worth (regardless of what your body looks like).

🤗 It’s caring about yourself enough to take care of your body and give it what it needs.

Do you need a strength training session? How about yoga? Do you need to add some time to your daily walk? Add hills? Do you need a day of rest?

Body positivity is loving you, checking in with you, and doing what you need.

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