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Don’t Want to Train Today?

Don’t want to train today?

Welcome to the club.

Maybe you don’t want to do it. 😩

Maybe you’re achy & tired. 🤔

Maybe you just have a lot on your plate & don’t know when you’re going to fit it in. ⏰

That’s why I always suggest the 10-min rule. I have it for movies, TV shows, kid activities, & training.

The rule?
Start. ⏩
Do it for 10-minutes. ⏰
If you’re still really not feeling it, stop. 🛑
If you decide that you’re not hating it that much, keep going. 👍
Maybe set a timer for 10 more min. ⏰
Or maybe just do the thing you were planning to do. 💪

There’s a quote I’ve always liked from Ed Latimer. He said, “The heaviest weight at the gym is the front door.”

So much truth there

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