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Acceptance isn’t about throwing your hands in the air & being fine with a situation you’re unhappy with.

Acceptance is acting within the framework of your circumstance.

There’s no use fighting your circumstances. Why not find a way to work with them?

Do you *want* to be an early morning exerciser but keep hitting snooze?
▶️ you’re not a bad or lazy person
⌚️ you just might want to change your exercise schedule

Do you think you need an hour of exercise for it to be worth it but can’t seem to find that hour in your day?
▶️ it’s not that you’re not committed to your training or your health
👊 you just need to shake things up!
⏰ get 10min in when you have it.
🧐 find a routine that allows you to do a little bit here & there.

Do you think you need to **insert the activity everyone tells you is the answer** but you dread the thought of *that one thing* that’ll help you meet your fitness goals?
▶️ there are so many ways to feel good in your body, to move well, to get strong, to feel healthy.
❌ don’t let anyone tell you there’s only one way
🧡 do find something that lights you up, that gets you out the door, that helps you feel at home in your body.

🏡 it’s the only place you have to live.

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