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No movement is off-limits.

Fitness people typically like to tell people what to do 🙋‍♀️

& they have a big list of what NOT to do too.

Ex: I used to tell people “no kipping pull-ups”… you’re more likely to get hurt.

While that may be true, there is a time & place for kipping pull-ups.

Ex: I used to think walking was lame & a waste of time (I mean, why not just run & get it over with?).

Now, I love my walks & count them as part of my training & also meditation.

Things have changed & these days, I’m more focused on movement. Any kind. Especially the kind that makes you happy & feel alive.

Backbends are that for me. They’re freaking hard, I’ve been working on them for 15ish years. Sometimes I can do them & sometimes I can’t. But when I can, they feel so so good. Part of the reason I love backbends is that in yoga, they teach that backbends are heart-opening… also freaking hard.

But so worth it.

What movement makes you happy? What’s the challenging thing that is always so worth it?

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