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Girl time reflection

1st picture: 15 years ago last weekend

2nd picture: last weekend

Last weekend, I went on a girls trip with my dear friend and our daughters. I didn’t realize it was the same weekend until @shutterfly informed me of the memory and I’m so glad it did!

15 years ago, I had just gone through a breakup with a very controlling boyfriend of 5 years. I started to do things I “couldn’t” do when I was with him.
☑️ I got my own apartment
💚 I painted my living room bright green
👯‍♀️ I reconnected with old friends

I remember how lost I was 15 years ago and how exploring nature with this friend helped me start to get back to me.

Oh boy has it been a process. Thankfully, I’m feeling more comfortable in my skin every day. In part due to this big friendship.

This past weekend was the same but different. Still hiked every day, but shorter so the girls could come. More packed lunches, less partying. Still had good long conversations but with animated movies in the background…

I loved seeing our daughters form friendships & I will always love our big conversations where nothing is off limits.

Not sure if there’s a moral to this story other than: nurture your friendships. Make time for the people who are important. Take the trips, carve out time, and soak each other in.

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