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Words Matter

The words we use matter.

There are a ton of good reasons to think of and talk about your movement as “training” or “a practice” instead of “exercise” or “working out”…

“An Exercise Session” or “A Workout” feels like a means to an end. It’s a one-time thing. It stands alone. It’s a check in a box.

Now change the language to training or practicing.

You can’t train for something in one session.

When you train, you have a plan.

The plan is a big-picture thing & your training is a continuous process.

When you’re practicing something, you know you’re not going to “get it right” or “do it all” in one session or one week, or even a month.

Practice takes time.

Most importantly, when you’re training and practicing, you’re allowed to make mistakes. Because everyone has “off” days and you know you’ll come back tomorrow and do better.

When you’re training and practicing, you don’t expect one session or one week to do it all.

Someone who trains and practices a skill is in it for the long haul.

And isn’t that what we want? To train for life? To train for the next decade? To be as strong and healthy as you can be at whatever age?

Watch how you talk about your movement and see if you need a shift.

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