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Training Requirement

Requirement for training with me: remain curious.

“Curiosity is a willing, a proud, and an eager confession of ignorance.” -S. Leonard Rubinstein

I didn’t like that quote at first… but when I sat with it for a bit, I got comfortable with what he was saying: When you admit that you don’t know something for sure, you’re willing to learn. 

And *that* is what you need to be able to make progress.


A willingness to learn.

Are you willing to learn what will work for you?

I promise to be a curious trainer: to ask questions, to learn from you, and to be willing to change when needed.

The longer I train people, the more experience I have, the more I realize I don’t know for sure.

Science gives us parameters but we have to be willing to work with individuals and make adjustments.

Beware of trainers who are certain they know what will work for you.

A confident person is not necessarily the right person for the job.

Are you curious? Are you willing to be ignorant? Are you willing to learn?

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