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Summer 2022 is Just Around the Corner

Summer is coming

Kids look forward to summer.

Parents try to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row to set ourselves & our kids up for success. 

We want to enjoy the summer with our kids AND not completely let all of our routines go.

How do we do that?

1️⃣ By acknowledging that summer will shake up our routine. 

Sometimes we just need to say it out loud. No matter how prepared we are or how much we plan, summer with kids is hectic.

2️⃣ By being flexible. 

Know that you can shift any training to a different day, time of day, or even change your training completely. 

Full day of travel? ✈️ Walk around the airport. 🚗 Do squats & pushups at every rest stop. 😅 Bring a jump rope & do that for 10 min.

3️⃣ By committing to daily purposeful movement. 

I preach DPM all year long, but it’s especially important when your schedule is up in the air. The question: “How can I move on purpose today?” can get your creative juices flowing and it’s fun to come up with new ways to move.

4️⃣ By adjusting expectations.

Disappointment and feelings of failure usually are a result of not meeting expectations.

If the expectation is: 3 days every week of strength with weights and there’s a week or two that we don’t get any… there’s a good chance we’ll feel like a failure, want to quit, and have all sorts of other negative thoughts about ourselves.

If the expectation is: Daily purposeful movement with 2-3 days every week of strength training (bodyweight or with weights if we have access to them), there’s a better chance that’ll happen.

What are you doing this summer to make sure you keep moving?

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