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Shinrin-Yoku is a japanese term that translates to “forest bathing”.

It is not exercise or hiking or jogging. It is just being. Being in the forest and taking it in through your senses.


When was the last time you went out in nature without a plan or a goal?


I’ll admit, we found a hike, there was supposed to be a waterfall at the end (we didn’t find it), and this was my daily purposeful movement for the day.

There was an agenda.

BUT, we did stop a couple of times, take big deep breaths, to breathe in the forest and bathe in the nature of it all.

I’m sure it’s not “forest bathing” in the purest sense of the term, but I’m all about doing what you can with what you’ve got and I’ve got ✅ kids, ✅ energy to get out, ✅ limited time with my mom while I’m in town… 

So I made this forest bathing work for us. And we loved every second of it.

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