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Consistency + Self Love

Consistency is key when you want to do something well.

Strength training 🏋🏼‍♀️, playing an instrument 🎹 , meditating 🕉, yoga 🧘‍♀️ , becoming a better person…

It’s one move toward your goal after another. Repeatedly.

The thing that people often forget, though, is the self-love piece.

Consistency *is* key, but things come up, life happens, and there will be days you can’t or just don’t do what you want to do to get to your goal.

That’s where self-love comes in.

When you have/incorporate self-love, you know in your heart that you want to do “the thing”. You also know that just because you didn’t do “the thing” that day, it doesn’t make you a failure/loser/not committed. It just means you didn’t do it that day (aka NBD) & you’ll get back to it tomorrow.

It may mean you did 10% of “the thing” & you’re happy you got that much in.

What the self-love piece gives you is a way to get back to “the thing” you’re working on without judgement. And this allows for you to pick up where you left off (rather than punishing yourself with 2x the work the next day) and continue your progress.

You don’t forget how to play piano if you miss a day. & you don’t lose the habit of strength training if you miss a day. Give yourself a break & get back to it.

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