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Goal Worksheets

We’re heading into another school year and it’s feeling like a good time to share my Goal Worksheets.

I’ve created these using bits and pieces of things I’ve collected over the years.

There is a smaller one for if you want to bang out some goals in 10-minutes or so: write them down and get to work.

The other one is created from goal-setting work I did when I worked retail at lululemon – it really changed the way I looked at my life and allowed me to dream big. It takes some time to go through the worksheets, but I’m not overstating when I say that it changed my life.

Choose the one that works best for you at this time. And, as always, let me know if there’s any way I can assist you.

Happy Goal Setting,

Vision & Goal Setting Worksheets – set aside at least an hour to work through these

SMART Goals Worksheet – the quick and simple one-page goal worksheet

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